we love it..


Roberto and Cecilia have run around the world before to be back home and as they said ‘no better fun than cook in Italy!’ They are able to find the best, luscious, fresh fish from the coast and work on it with an international touch.
The Volver has an incredible atmosphere, elegant and cozy indoor and so relaxing outdoor with a surprising view of beautiful yachts in the Cala de’ Medici harbour.
Run into their web-site and…you will understand the passion & love of this family

we love it..

Helicopter tour

The large part of you have discovered Tuscany some many times, falling in love with spectacular landscapes but…what about from the ‘high high springboard’?

Marco has selected a lot of amazing tours, on the sea-coast, on the art cities (and believe me, my Florence.. from the sky…. is more than enchanting), to the island but my favourite one is….the tasting wine tour (of course…)!

The tour starts in Pratello (close to Pisa, about 40 mn. far from here) and after a great flight on the green Tuscan valley you arrive in San Gimignano for an aaaaammmmmaaaaazing wine tour. Visiting a beautiful wine cellar plus … the wine tasting! The total tour is about 2 hr. including 25 mn of fly.

Of course it will be the most exclusive and private tour you could have this summer!

And after drinking Brunello di Montalcino and flying in the sky….you will be back to me happy as babies.

we love it..

20:12 gallery

for the shop that looks like and old florentine ‘bottega’, for the great art of the owner Dimitri Villoresi, for the beautiful bags! For the chance to have a customized bag! That’s the best place for ‘bags addicted’ like me….

we love it..

Gucci Museum

because we are from Florence and we cannot than love Gucci!
For the interesting museum, for the exclusive boutique pieces, for the out/inside bar and restaurant, for the international library and  free Ipad use.

we love it..

The Mall

for shopping! Best brands, luxury atmosphere, great deals.

we love it..

Mediterranea Belfiore

for their name, of course! For all fantastic, biological, natural local products, for the beautiful shop, for all is the original ‘Tuscan gusto’, for all their great ideas such as  picnic basket full of specialities for a lunch at the sea or the beautiful bag gift

we love it..


because he is a lovely astonishing young artist.

For his love and passion about  beauty, poetry and art.

For the incredible way to breathe ordinary life moments and turn it into art.

we love it..


for the Mario Botta modern idea of winery, for the amazing view of Elba island, for the wine, the oil and all merchandises .

we love it..

Michele Satta

that’s what we drink everyday,..we really love all their wines! And we love their wine philosophy too, the care and love. For the original cellar and the great international  cultural events.

we love it..

Tenuta L’argentiera

for the excellent wine, the wonderful villa , the incredible landscape and lines of grape. Isabel  will organize for You tailor-made tour for a luxury and romantic visit in one of the most beautiful Tuscan winery

we love it..


for the beautiful sea of Quercianella, the elegant bathing resort , the amazing  thalassotherapy pool and the spa area.

Station Gallery – Castiglioncello Livorno
we love it..

Station Gallery

for the cool & passional atmosphere, the mood, the inner design, for the music, the wines selection, for the food, ,…for sicilian traditional recipes mixed to Tuscan dishes. For love that is in the air thanks to Vincenzo, Andrea and Lilla.

Via Aurelia 923, Castiglioncello

we love it..

Il Cardellino

It is one on my favourite spots in Castiglioncello! Up on a beautiful rock right by the sea with an amazing ocean view. The restaurant is modern, beautiful and chic and they have fantastic events here; my favorite one: The kitchen school on the seafront terrace.
Live music every night and special entertainments for the entire summer!

we love it..

Catamaran Charter

This is a fantastic way to enjoy our beautiful coasts. I can really guarantee you how beautiful our sea is…and what’s a better way to enjoy it then by a sailing boat? Private tour on a 12 mt. new and modern catamaran with promotional rates!

we love it..

La Lucciola

…because it is a lovely, romantic, relaxing little restaurant…pied dans l’eau, just in front of our little harbour in Castiglioncello.
Family & friendly service, delicious food , local recipes with a modern touch and then….all the stars of a blue summer sky above you! What’s better than chilled white wine, local fish and sea sounds? You have to try it!…because it is a lovely, romantic, relaxing little restaurant…pied dans l’eau, just in front of our little harbour in Castiglioncello.